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Jersey digital newspaper printing update

IN the latest of PJ magazine's reports on the Channel Islands' digital printing pioneers, Gary Cullum heads to Jersey to meet Bill Paterson, the new... Read more...

Investigative journalism: 'Something to admire and cherish'

INVESTIGATIVE journalism champion Alan Geere pays tribute to 'the skill, dedication and sheer bloody-mindedness' of investigative journalists, saying... Read more...

Cyber security: protecting the things that matter

NEWS companies are an ideal target for hackers and cyber criminals.

In a special two-page feature for PJ magazine, Caryl Holland investigates cyber security and measures the cost of defence and recovery. Her feature appears in the January issue of PJ magazine.

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UK newspapers mark their milestones

UK newspapers have been celebrating major anniversaries. They include  The Observer, which was launched 225 years ago, and The Scotsman, which is... Read more...

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