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PJ October

PJ: news publishing and printing in focus

THE October issue of PJ magazine – the voice of news publishing and printing for almost 180 years – is out now.

Its 20 pages are packed with news,...

dmg media case study

CONSISTENT high image quality is a major aim of the pre-press operation at dmg media. PJ's Caryl Holland finds out how this is achieved and checks out the latest developments in an exclusive feature in the October issue of PJ magazine.

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Sir Ray Tindle looks back on 70 years in local newspapers

ON the eve of his 90th birthday, Sir Ray Tindle passes on to PJ readers some of the lessons he has learned in his 70-year career in newspaper publishing.

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Front page news

THE front page is the shop window – but often does not get the love and attention it deserves, says Alan Geere who takes a look at what it takes to... Read more...

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