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PJ February

Discovery Print opts for Prosper

DISCOVERY Print, the printing arm of Dundee-based publisher DC Thomson, is to install a Kodak digital print head – becoming one of only two... Read more...

St Clements Press invests for the future

PJ's Caryl Holland visits St Clements Press, the East London plant of the Financial Times, where more than £1 million has been invested in the past two years to give the business a long-term future as a contract printer.

You can read the full story in the February issue of PJ magazine.

Publishers tap into a rich revenue stream

VILLAGER and former compositor David Howes explores how local newspapers, newsletters and parish magazines are discovering hyperlocal success. It's all down to content and price, he reports.

Read the full news feature in the February issue of PJ magazine.

Newspaper origami

OPPORTUNITIES to create eye-catching effects with folding and gluing are discussed in PJ magazine's latest global overview of how newspapers are meeting the print innovation challenge by Sabine Sirach, formerly of manroland web systems newspaper product marketing.

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