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PJ November

Innovation in print

SABINE Sirach, of manroland web systems' newspaper product marketing, provides a global overview of how newspapers are meeting the print innovation challenge. Read more in the November 2014 issue of PJ magazine.

MEN: News insight

MANCHESTER Evening News digital innovations editor Paul Gallagher gives PJ readers an insight into the MEN's digital delivery and the thinking behind Manchester Live, its recent newsroom 'open day'.

Telegraph gatefold live run at Newsprinters is a UK first

THE Daily Telegraph ran a special eight-page gatefold insert ad  printed live on the run at all three Newsprinters's plants earlier this month. More in PJ magazine's November 2014 issue.

Newspaper production: Toray's waterless plates solution

AN increasing number of newspaper printers are discovering that newspaper production alone is not enough to keep presses fully occupied.

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